The Cicada Detectives – Book 1

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Meet the Gardeneers!

Sharon Baldwin

Illustrated by Tia Madden

In this new chapter book series we follow three best friends at a fictional school in Australia and a new educator who works with them to build a school garden. The focus of Book 1 is permaculture principle: Observe and Interact!

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Do It Yourself! Each book also ends with a DIY project based on the story, so this is a great way for parents or teachers to read these books with your kids and then extend their learning by doing something hands-on. And a little bonus, everyone who supports this crowdfunding campaign (at any level) will receive some digital downloads which will include colouring-in sheets and more activity ideas.

What ages are these books for? These are early chapter books so they’re great for kids around ages 5-10 who can read on their own. They’re illustrated throughout to bring the characters to life.

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Published 2021
Loose Parts Press
Paperback, 66 pages, b&w illustrations throughout.
ISBN: 9780645078107


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