The Carbon Farming Solution

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A Global Toolkit of Perennial Crops and Regenerative Agriculture. Practices for Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security

Eric Toensmeier

Agriculture is rightly blamed as a major culprit of our climate crisis. But in this groundbreaking new book, Eric Toensmeier argues that agriculture – specifically, the subset of practices known as “carbon farming” – can, and should be, a linchpin of a global climate solutions platform.

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Carbon farming is a suite of agricultural practices and crops that sequester carbon in the soil and in above-ground biomass. Combined with a massive reduction in fossil fuel emissions – and in concert with adaptation strategies to our changing environment – carbon farming has the potential to bring us back from the brink of disaster and return our atmosphere to the “magic number” of 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide. Toensmeier’s book is the first to bring together these powerful strategies in one place, including in-depth analysis of the available research and, where research is lacking, a discussion of what it will take to get us there.

Toensmeier’s ultimate goal is to place carbon farming firmly in the centre of the climate solutions platform, alongside clean solar and wind energy. With The Carbon Farming Solution, Toensmeier wants to change the discussion, impact policy decisions, and steer mitigation funds to the research, projects, and people around the world who envision a future where agriculture becomes the protagonist in this fraught, urgent, and unprecedented drama of our time. Citizens, farmers, and funders will be inspired to use the tools presented in this important new book to transform degraded lands around the world into productive carbon-storing landscapes.

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Published 2016
Chelsea Green Publishing
Hardcover, colour photos, tables, charts, and illustrations, 512 pages.
ISBN: 9781603585712

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