Millpost – a broadscale permaculture farm since 1979

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This is the story of Millpost, and the trials and lessons from 40 years of permaculture thinking and application.

Millpost is a family farm near Bungendore NSW with three generations now in residence and is one of the oldest broadscale Permaculture farms in Australia. This little book is a record of Millpost’s journey from 1979 to today, including plenty of lessons learned. There is no doubt that Permaculture has helped Millpost in many ways. Hopefully this story will inspire others to think Permaculture, whatever the size of the farm.

“This story is a rare gem of lineage, vision, planning, and humble persistence creating modest but enduring abundance while caring for a fragile but beautiful landscape.” – David Holmgren


I can assure readers that the story you read in this book is also written into the earth. – Jason Alexandra, Farmer and Environmental Consultant

Full colour, 140 pages. ISBN 9780646984827

David Holmgren introduces David Watson at his book launch at the APC14 in Canberra in 2018

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