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Strategies, skills and techniques for the transition to a greener world

Caught between climate change and a fossil fuel-driven economy that demands ever more growth, the world faces a great transition – by design or disaster – away from fossil fuels to a less energy intensive future.

What proven tools are available to aid in making a successful, deliberate transition to a resilient, sustainable future?

How to Permaculture Your Life is a resource book for everyone interested in Transition, permaculture and more self-reliant and satisfying lifestyles. This book is packed with information on permaculture design principles, soil building, nutrient-dense food growing, including top plant and tree selections for all climatic zones.

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How to Permaculture Your Life: Strategies, skills and techniques for the transition to a greener world

By Ross Mars

This permaculture resource discusses rainwater harvesting and irrigation, human waste management, strategies for rural properties with a unique focus on applying permaculture to small urban spaces for decluttering and efficient food growing.

Also find ideas for using hand tools, food preservation, energy production, and low-carbon housing and a plethora of nearly forgotten skills such as soap making, basket weaving, seed saving, and rope and candle making, and more.

On the desert island of a world in decline this is the one-stop guide to vibrant, resilient living you’ll want to take with you.

“… a toolkit of useful plants; alternative farming systems that repair and build soil; skills to add value to your produce; strategies for energy and water efficiency; and techniques to enable us to re-skill and re-learn arts and crafts many of us have lost in recent generations… this book offers us a powerful crash course in the thinking we will need if we are to create a future that actually works for everyone.”

Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition movement and author of The Power of Just Doing Stuff, from the foreword

ISBN: 9781856232470. Paperback, 288 pages.

Ross Mars

Ross MarsRoss Mars is a highly regarded permaculture teacher, designer and consultant. He is the author of the bestselling books, Getting Started in Permaculture, The Basics of Permaculture Design and How to Permaculture Your Life and has produced two videos on energy efficient housing design and renewable energy systems for power generation. Ross founded Candlelight Farm, a permaculture demonstration site and training centre in Western Australia. Over the past decade, he has delivered dozens of basic, design, advanced and diploma-level Permaculture courses. Both a scientist with a PhD in Environmental Science and an entrepreneur, Mars also manufactures and supplies greywater and rainwater tank systems, and installs waterwise gardens and water-sensible irrigation systems.

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1 review for How to Permaculture Your Life – UK print

  1. Graham Burnett

    Ross Mars’ Basics of Permaculture Design was one of the first books I read when first becoming interested in permaculture during the ’90s. As the title suggests, this was very much a ‘does what it says on the tin’ manual, full of practical advice, and whilst not as detailed or in depth as, say, Bill Mollison’s A Designers’ Manual, it was easier to follow for a newcomer, and certainly more portable for on-site reference!

    How To Permaculture Your Life is also more practical than theoretical. As Mars points out, there are already many books exploring the permaculture ethics, principles and philosophy. Instead this is a collection of strategies, techniques and useful information about plants, technology and materials, a resource book for not only surviving but thriving in the Anthropocene era.

    From multinationals patenting and modifying the genetic code of our staple food crops, to housing markets driven by the whims of faceless financial investment companies, our most basic human needs are increasingly dependent upon inhuman scale globalised and corporate systems over which we seem to have little direct agency or control. Yet despite their monolithic appearance, these edifices of power are in reality extremely brittle – Climate instability; Peak oil, soil and water and issues around food sovereignty are factors that are fast causing the current paradigm to unravel as its inherent fragility is exposed.

    Mars doesn’t have much space for complex arguments about the whys and wherefores, but sees, as self-evident from his years of hands-on experience gained from setting up Candlelight Permaculture Farm in Perth, that the key to sustainable and resilient living is about returning to more human-scale approaches to food growing and community relationships. The bulk of the book therefore consists of clear, readable chapters chock full of advice on garden planning, soil health, growing vegetables, herbs, fruit and nut trees and other edible crops, water harvesting, understanding landscape and keyline and other aspects of regenerative farming.

    In addition there are sections on small space living strategies, renewable energy production and efficiency, and other forgotten skills that our forbears took for granted. No section goes into too much depth, and the information is often presented in a handy checklist format augmented with clear line drawings, diagrams and handy little memory-friendly acronyms, giving an empowering sense of ‘yeah, I could do that!’, but with plenty of leads to follow for more details. Learning how to reskill and permaculture our lives will be increasingly vital as the collapse narrative continues to unfold over the coming years, and this book is a great primer to set us on our way.

    Review sourced from Permaculture Magazine. Graham Burnett is a permaculture teacher and author,

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