Grass Roots Magazine No. 253 – June 2019

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Organic Orchard and Market Garden

  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Recycled Potting Bench
  • DIY Day Bed
  • Bare-rooted Trees
  • Healthy Kids’ Lunches
  • Muscovies
  • Start a Home Nursery
  • Homemade Bacon
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Sustainability and self-reliance no matter where you are!

Grass Roots is Australia’s go-to magazine for those who wish to live a calmer, more creative lifestyle in tune with the times. Articles in the magazine are written by the readers – real people who describe their lifestyles and projects in detail with comments on success or failure and hints for those interested in having a go themselves.

The reader is drawn into a creative culture of DIY inventiveness, of sharing, recycling, cooking and in the end celebrating the greater degree of independence and satisfaction this lifestyle engenders in every member of the family. While many articles are practical in nature, between the lines you can feel the infectious spirit of those who do, who love what they do and are happy to share. It is this spirit that emboldens all of us to start out ourselves or to just keep going when life gets tough.

Grass Roots is published by people who live the life the magazine celebrates, and readers of its pages have been sharing their knowledge and stories for nearly 50 years.

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