Agroforestry News Vol 25 No 2

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News: Nitrogen and carbon at forest edges / Adaption of traditional agriculture in changing climate / Antioxidents in Allium species

  • The Pawpaw
  • Silvopasture in the NE USA
  • Forest garden greenhouse construction
  • Honeyberries or haskaps.

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The Agroforestry Research Trust

The ART is an educational and research organisation based in the UK, founded in 1992 as a registered charity, to educate and conduct research into all aspects of agroforestry. Various academic and practical research projects have been undertaken since its formation, and results of research published by the Trust in a number of publications and in its own quarterly journal, Agroforestry News. Find out more about the trust at

Agroforestry News

A quarterly newsletter, focusing on temperate tree and shrubs crops. Essential reading or all who are interested in temperate tree crops and agroforestry.

Topics include:

  • Reports on agroforestry research projects
  • Regular articles on fruit and nut growing
  • In-depth profiles of unusual tree and shrub crops
  • Native tree profiles
  • Propagation techniques
  • Forest gardening
  • Useful ground covers
  • Book reviews

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