Adapt Card Game

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Create the world of your  dreams

Garden Juju Collective’s Adapt is designed to take teachers, students, designers, developers, families and community groups through a holistic creative process.  It’s an exciting game, a teaching tool, and a designer’s assistant all in one. Harness the power of your imagination!

This sturdy case comes packed with 60 playing cards, an instruction booklet and digital access to printable ‘Creative Process’ posters.


‘Adapt’ is the creative process game that can be applied to anything and everything – from the design of a garden, designing how to live sustainably, a business idea, a way of caring for community or one’s self, or even,  how you set up your kitchen.  ‘Adapt’ game play sparks creativity, imagination and potential. This engaging tool helps individuals and groups of people, in all kinds of circumstances, design their next best steps. Hacking habits, pro-actively creating, doing, designing and redesigning. Creating the world of your dreams. The ‘Adapt’ game offers you ideas, actionable outcomes and even better yet, resilient solutions to the challenges we all face each day.

Included in the ‘Adapt’ game deck are 60 unique cards, an instruction booklet and digital access to printable game resources including ‘Adapt Creative Process’ posters. The deck includes 6 sets of cards covering the topics of Life Aspects, Core Needs, Design Principles, Energy Exchanges, Care Challenges and the It Depends factor in a holistic creative process. The free game enhancing resources include, but are not limited to, ‘Players Notes’ worksheets, 12+ ‘Other ways to play’ the game and a Glossary of terms.

‘Every now and then something emerges that has genius in it. I often observe people playing Adapt. It never stops surprising me, the sparks of insight, the energy of inspiration, that look of determination when a person suddenly understands how they can really change their lives, and the lives of those around them, so much for the better..’  – Dr. Charlie Brennan

‘This game will give you the power and possibility to change your life! It changed mine. I’ve spent years developing this game because I whole-heartedly believe in it. It is absolutely our right and responsibility to live exciting, full and creative lives – by design’ ~ Bridget O’Brien 

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