A Guide to the Creatures in your Neighbourhood

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The urban field naturalist project

Zoë Sadokierski, Thom van Dooren, Dieter Hochuli, John Martin and Andrew Burrell

Tune in to the richness and diversity in your local environment with this playful, quirky guide that’s packed with interactive projects, nature writing and sketching activities.

The work of two scientists, a philosopher and two designers. A Guide to the Creatures in your Neighbourhood helps you explore your backyard, a small local park, or a larger area. The first tip is to slow down to actively observe. The guide explains what to look for, how to spot creatures which are sometimes allusive, then how to sketch, photograph and journal your observations.

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In cities and suburbs all over Australia, a staggering array of animals and plants make their homes among us. If we pay attention, each encounter with a bird, a flower or a bee is an invitation into a fascinating world of growth, decay, communication and sensation – and it’s all going on right under our noses.

Did you know crows can identify humans by their faces? Or that ibises can ‘see’ with the tips of their bills? Let the team from the Urban Field Naturalist Project amaze you with weird and wonderful facts about cockatoos, magpies, spiders, possums and other animals just outside your doorstep. Then get inspired to cultivate a deeper connection with tips for observing, sketching, photographing and making field notes – or simply sitting still to observe and listen.

Whether for an afternoon of exploring or a walk to the letterbox, A Guide to the Creatures in Your Neighbourhood is your ticket to slow down and get curious about urban nature. No matter where you live, you’ll have a front row seat!


‘Certain to convert you into a budding backyard David Attenborough.’ – Indira Naidoo, author of The Space Between the Stars

‘Gorgeous… will inspire adults and kids to engage with local wildlife, a critical step towards imagining our place in a climate-affected future.’ – Rebecca Huntley, author of How to Talk about Climate Change in a Way that Makes a Difference

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Published 2022
Murdoch Books
Paperback, 2 colour printing with beautiful illustrations throughout, 272 pages.
Size: 153 mm x 208mm
ISBN: 9781922616326


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